The Team

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David Thomas, tuned and fixed engines for cars and motorbikes that his father raced. Later he studied engineering, then joined IBM in South Africa as a hardware engineer for thirteen years.

He facilitated setting up a national co-operative for taxi operators in SA, and project managed setting up petrol stations for the taxi co-ops with an independent fuel company.

He researched the HHO industry to find methods of improving the efficiency and performance of the design, knowing that the only way for HHO to advance was to build the product cheap enough so that it paid for itself very quickly and to solve the inherent problems.  A meeting with Paul Mullen of Cubik Innovation sparked the electronic current-mode control of gas output which formed the basis of the new Hoxy Tronic technology.

His tasks are to develop, research and test the new designs and provide sales technical support.


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Mike Blenkinsop, Chairman, DipNED, MBA (INSEAD), BSc Chem Eng (Hons), FEANI: Track record of entrepreneurial and commercial succes at Board level in the automotive or logistics sector, preferably achieved by steeering a young company and scaling it to a fast growth phase;

21 years at board level; 9 Olaer; 4 CSA; 5 Schaeffler/INA; 3 Rockwell.

35 years in international industrial businesses covering 10 years Oil & Gas (Schlumberger), 15 years Automotive (Grace/Teroson, Rockwell, Schaeffler/INA, Cooper-Standard), and 10 years Hydraulics (Olaer) in a variety of commercial, technical, operations and general management executive positions. Now involved in 4 companies as a Non-Executive, 3 SMEs. At Olaer as CEO developed 6 new technology patents.



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Dr Rodger Sykes is mentoring and a non executive director. He has much experience in technical companies. His CV reads: CEO picoChip, CEO SiConnect, CEO MMIC Solutions. VP @ Logicvision, Business Management at Texas Instruments and Philips Semi in USA. 30+ years in technology business UK/Europe/USA. Last 10 years in early stage space in UK SW. Inc 3X CEO's, Chairman and several NEx's.

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Steve Carter, B. Eng. (Hons) is our Managing Director. 

He has experience as MD, Emerging Markets, Bergstrom Inc. Previously MD, Bergstrom Europe Ltd and VP Global Purchasing Bergstrom, Inc. operating in Europe and North America.

Bergstrom makes cab climate systems for trucks, off highway machines and military vehicles. Steve built a new division of Bergstrom penetrated India, Russia and Turkey, winning business with major Russian Agricultural OEM's. Formed strategic alliance in Turkey winning minibus and truck climate control systems with Ford- first time achieved globally. He targeted and established joint venture in India, and served on BOD Motherson Bergstrom HVAC solutions, Ltd, India. Steve is on first name terms with the head of the Ford Trucking division in the USA.