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With fuel price fluctuations and climate change/carbon footprint on the agenda, Hoxy Tronic gas additive technology is a solution for existing vehicles to save fuel and reduce CO2, NOx and Particulate matter (PM) emissions.

AIM          Give customers ROI within 1 year thru fuel cost savings - Cars - Trucks - Ships

                  Easily retro fit     1hour cars         2 hour Trucks           3 days  Ships

                  50 - 80%          NOx  &   Particulate Matter  emissions reductions    

Market Opportunity
Typically, truck fuel costs are 26% of full transport costs. Trucks and Buses consume 26% of all fuel although in number they consist of only 1.9% of all vehicles. Transport is responsible for 25% of CO2 emissions and 207,000 tons p/a of NOx emissions in the UK. Particulates emissions; Nine UK cities breach the WHO limits for annual PM10 concentration.
EU engine emission regulations are becoming stricter. Hoxy Tronic technology will enable Truck fleet owners to meet stricter emissions targets, even with older trucks. This will come alongside fuel savings, which will give the fleet owner a projected ROI of less than 1 year.

UK Market Value (Truck + Buses only) =£ 637 Mil.
HOXY TRONIC Technology
Hoxy technology is a small device, retro fitted to petrol or diesel vehicles, without need to re-programme the ECU making it fail safe. This produces Hoxy gas (ortho-Hydrogen & Oxygen) which is fed into the engine air inlet system. It alters the combustion dynamics, producing more torque per unit of fuel, which translates into fuel savings. University laboratory trials have shown a reduction in CO2 emissions by 10%-20% and fuel savings of 10%-20% and significant reduction in emissions of CO2, NOx and PM. It only produces Hoxy gas when the engine is running, and no hydrogen is stored, it is combusted immediately, eliminating any associated risk.
Hoxy Tronic has developed unique patent filed for: 1. Electronic control of the gas output, which allows controlled Hoxy gas input to the engine to optimise fuel savings and emissions reduction. 2. Helical flow electrolyzer design, eliminating short circuiting in electrode plates. Hoxy Tronic will take this technology into the mainstream with intensive further research and rigorous testing to OEM standards. BMW and Audi are also working on related variants of this technology.
Our test Freelander TD4 modified with alternate fuel measure system accurate to 1 gram and the HOXYtronic system, has completed over 100 dynamometer tests over 8 days of testing at an independent third party. A 7.0% mpg economy improvement Proof of Concept has been achieved. Literature claims for the benefits go up to 30%, so we are confident that there is still more optimisation in our system to be done, which will be investigated in the project, as will the benefits of reduced emissions.
Completion of the Proof of Concept project will lead us into the Development of Prototype project, where a major focus will be on industrialisation of the system, with a strong focus on vibration testing, climate cycling, and electromagnetic interference.

Projected Hoxy Tronic technology pricing is £ 1K. The average UK HGV travels 3286 miles/month. At today’s fuel prices and achieving a fuel save of 7%, the Truck owner will get a ROI in less than 1 year.

The DfT HGV Low carbon project publishes a list of fuel saving technologies with Capex cost and % fuel savings.
When compared with this list, Hoxy Tronic technology is one of the cheapest and has the shortest ROI of all listed.
NOx and PM emissions. None of the other Low Carbon HGV project technologies reduce NOx or PM emissions.

Patent Filed Advantage
Patents GB 1312092.8 filed 5/7/2013 and GB 1500181.1 filed 7/1/2015. Our new technology gives an advantage over existing HHO technology with:
1. Electronic Controlled Hoxy gas output. No current 'runaway', a common problem with HHO systems.
2. Immediate and fully optimized Hoxy gas output on start up. No warm up required.
3. Helical flow electrolysis – prevents electrode plate short circuits.